Q: How do vendors get paid after the games?

A: Cut the line is a cashless company.
Option 1. check mailed to vendor.
Option 2. ACH transaction.
The cash option is unavailable.

Q: What electronic devices are needed to use cut the line services?
A: iPad/tablet, Wi-Fi/internet connection, and E-mail. (Cut the line can provide iPad or tablet for a monthly fee)

Q: Can a customer receive a refund once the order is placed?

A: Once an order is placed, no refunds will be issued unless the items are out of stock when picking up the items. Once the event is over no exchanges or refunds are allowed.

Q: Is there an order fee for the customer

A: Each order has a convenience fee that is added to the customer’s order and charged to the customer only not the concession stand.

Q: When will we know the total sales after an event?

A: Twelve hours after the event is over you as the vendor will be able to login to the vendor payout to view the total sales made for that event.

Q: How many people does It take to run Cut the Line?

A: Two volunteers/employees, one person to run the iPad/Tablet and another to make the orders.

Q: Where do customers pick up orders?

A: Cut the Line requires that you have a designated pick-up spot for Cut the Line customers only.

Q: What other items beyond concession food can be sold through Cut the Line?

A: You can also sell team gear.

Q: What happens to customers’ information?

A: No information is stored to include credit card information.

Q: Is there a setup fee?

A: There is an annual setup fee of $250

Q: Is there any partnering fees?

A: There are service packages that break up to three different fees.
The standard fee is free, Premium is $75/monthly, and Lux is $100/monthly.


Vendor Access
Waved Credit Card fees


One tablet with built in Wi-Fi T-Mobile service
One Banner


Use of Tablet/IPad with built in Wi-Fi
Two Banners
2 Cut the Line T-Shirts